Prof Moya

Spiritual healer Prof Moya will help you keep your life in balance & free from negative spiritual forces. The aim of Prof Moya is to provide holistic healing treatments using a combination of spells, herbal remedies & spiritual healing

Banish all negative energy, protect yourself from spiritual attacks, succeed in life, improve your good fortune, cleanse & banish all evil spirits with spiritual healing by Prof Moya

Spiritual problems manifest themselves in our lives in different forms from lovers quarrels, infertility, money problems & various other physical ailments.

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Holistic approach to healing

The ultimate goal of holistic healing is wholeness both in our relationships, environment, work, body, soul and mind through energy alignment & spiritual cleansing

When our internal energy system is out of balance we will experience problems in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health leading to illness, failure in relationships, or a unhappy & unfulfilled life

The 7 energy centres of the body can sometime be blocked, the role of a Spiritual healer like Prof Moya is to locate the spiritual energy blocks & unblock them using various techniques which include the following

    Methods of fixing energy blocks

  • Spells casting (love spells, money spells, lottery spells, good luck spells, voodoo spells)
  • Divination (throwing bones, psychic divination, ancestral divination, spiritual cleansing, numerology, astrology)
  • Herbal remedies (herbal creams & herbal pills)

The 7 energy centres of the body (7 chakras) are the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra & the Crown Chakra

Using a combination of various Ancient healing systems we are able to provide healing of any physical, spiritual, financial or emotion problem in your life.

Ancient healing systems

As a spiritual healer I have spiritual gifts bestowed upon me by the gods that help me get clarity on any given problem that you are facing with the added ability to cast spells & various other healing work that will resolve the problems in your life

I have divine gifts that empower me to help you in matters of the heart, relationships, finances, careers, business, family & health issues

My healing methods consist of various rites, rituals, ceremonies, spells & energy channelling working with the deities & spiritual forces to remove malicious spirits guding you on a spiritual path to a life of happiness 7 wholesome health

At every session with a client, I set up my ucansi (mat), candles and burn impepho (incense) as I consult the ancestors on your specific problems. I also help aspiring traditional healers with ukuthwasa (traditional healer initiation). My powerful healing powers enable me to tap into the energies that surround me to tap into healing energies in the universe.

Prof Moya can also create potions to protect you from harm and to ensure good luck, prosperous business and a faithful husband or wife, find lost lovers, save you from serious illnesses and evil spirits.

Ancient healing techniques by Spiritualist Prof Moya will determine the source & location of your problems in the spiritual realm remove it for instant relief in your life

Spiritual root causes of problems in life

Spiritual research has shown us that up to 80% of problems in our lives have their root in the spiritual dimension. Spiritual healing pertains to the diagnosis and removal of the spiritual root cause of the problem

The main spiritual root causes have to do with ancestral problems, destiny, ghosts, devils, spirits, energies, evil & spiritual energy flow.

Prof Moya will use various spiritual remedies to alleviate the spiritual root causes of problems in your life & also build your spiritual defences to protect you against harmful elements in the spiritual dimension

The 21st century is overwhelming with with news about violence, crimes, war, hunger, disease and poverty. In the midst of all this, how can we have peace of mind, as we are constantly in search of that elusive everlasting happiness.

Prof Moya brings a new approach to life, lets look within & begin a spiritual journey to unlimited success & happiness.